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    Thank you for visiting our page!

    At Silicandy®, we are obsessed with bringing you the best.

    We are a family-oriented company that puts the utmost love and care into each and every one of our products.

    We love creating practical products that are fun, colorful, and safe for your family.  

    Our promise is to always go the extra mile.  In a world filled with millions of “choices”, it’s the details that count.  You’ll find that our products are often personalized with recipes, tips, and other fun and practical additions that make them super convenient and enjoyable to use.

    Our mission is to bring joy and togetherness back to the kitchen!

    Do you remember baking as a kid?  The magical feeling of creating your own food, the warmth of the oven, the smell of fresh cookies, and the soft, stretchy dough in your hands?

    Baking as a family is a lost art!  So many people are looking for ways to connect with their children, get them off their electronic devices, and spend more time together.

    Baking and Cooking is an incredible healthy and therapeutic creative outlet that just so amazing, yet so overlooked.  And it’s right there in our own homes!  We try to get the kids out of the kitchen, because we don’t want a mess, and don’t have the time or patience to teach them, etc.

    You can teach so many crucial life skills while baking, including planning, measuring, estimating, timing, and of course - how to make your own food and food choices!

    It takes a big heart to teach little minds, and we are always here to support you, and love responding to your questions and comments on any of our social media outlets, or through e-mail at the contact us button below.

    Made something with the kids?  Send us a pic!  Let an older kid experiment with a recipe on their own and were surprised with the result?  Let us know! 

    We are passionate about what we do and love hearing from you!